Welcome to Gothenburg!

Dear Friends of EMSOS,

We have the honor of hosting the 26th EMSOS meeting and the affiliated 14th Meeting of the EMSOS Nurse & Allied Profession Group which will be held at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Center in Gothenburg, Sweden from May 29 - 31, 2013.

We can promise delegates and exhibitors an exciting scientific program with a prominent faculty of experts in Musculoskeletal Oncology (Chemo- and Radiotherapy, Surgery, Pathology, Imaging, and Basic Science), not only from the EMSOS group, but also from the American (AMSTS), Asian (APMSTS), Australian (ASG) and South American groups.

Included in the program there will be sessions on New Treatment Strategies , for instance ILP (Isolated Limb Perfusion) in treatment of “unresectable” soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities, as well as treatment with new monoclonal antibodies and combined chemotherapy/radiotherapy protocols.

The Surgery sessions will introduce the new technique with bone-anchored amputation prosthesis according to the Osseo integration principle which significantly improves function and quality of life in our amputated population. Furthermore selected experts will give their tips and tricks of surgical treatment of sarcomas in various anatomical regions. A special session will deal with complications in prosthetic replacement surgery in orthopaedic oncology including loosening, infection and mechanical failure. A panel of international experts will discuss the need for an international registry for prosthetic replacement in orthopaedic oncology.

Basic sarcoma science sessions will include animal models in sarcoma, as well as studies on sarcomagenesis, stem cell research and the development of treatment markers and response evaluation.

Imaging sessions will not only deal with x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound and scintigraphy in clinical practice, but also on tumour biology on a nano-level. A very exciting world to enter!

Preceeding the main meeting there will be a training day (Wednesday May 29, 2013) where our younger colleagues will learn the basics of our specialty. But there will also be a session on the senior colleagues responsibility to teach the next generation and how we “teach the teachers”. So far a partly neglected area!

Following the EMSOS meeting there will be an adjacent conference of the 5th International OSOS (Orthopaedic Surgical Osseo integration Society, www.cme.ucsf.edu) presenting the concept of bone-anchored amputation prostheses. We can guarantee a very interesting satellite Conference with surgical hands-on experience and “meet the patient” sessions as well as rehabilitation and presentation from the Department of Prosthetic and Orthotics.

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden with more than half a million inhabitants located on the Swedish west coast. It is a University City with close links between The Medical University, Chalmers University of Technology and The Industry (Astra-Zeneca and Astra-Tech, Volvo Trucks and Cars, Shipbuilding, SKF ball-bearings, Hasselblad cameras a.s.o.). The Opera and The National Philharmonic Orchestra is located here. There is an abundance of good restaurants with sea-food specialties as favourites on top of the menu.

End of May and early June is really the best time of the year to visit Sweden. The long summer nights (sunset at 11 p.m.), spring and summer bursting out all over, and planned social activities with a cruise in the archipelago and amusement and fun on our EMSOS Dinner will guarantee a memorable meeting.

Your presence will make a difference, so we strongly entice You to come and join us and take active part in The EMSOS 2013 Congress.

Warm Regards,
Peter Bergh, M.D.,Ph.D. and Örjan Berlin, M.D.,Ph.D., Local Hosts
On behalf of The EMSOS 2013 Organizing Committee